Payment and Refund Policy

Refunds: If a player is unable to attend a class or session that they paid for (due to injuries, timing obligations, or anything else), they can put their payment towards one of our many other programs (including camps, clinics, and lessons).

Paying for sessions – it’s necessary to pay up front for the whole session. If you’d like to be a drop-in student, you can do that, but you must pay each time you come and let us know 24 hours in advance that you are coming.

Makeups РMakeups must be done by the end of a season (so if you missed a class during the spring session, you must make it up at another location or time during our spring session). Also, makeups must be done within the same age division.  Sometimes makeups will not be possible during a season of limited programming. Unfortunately, we have no exception for this. Most seasons have various dates, times and locations, so makeups are usually possible.

Prorating – We do not prorate, but we do have a drop-in fee that you can pay each time you come

Dropping In – Dropping in is encouraged for players that may not be able to make it to a whole session, and will be in accordance with the drop in rate of the class. Keep in mind that if the drop-in is done during the middle of a session, the students will have learned a lot of the strokes by then, so it may be a little harder to adjust. Drop-in rates vary based on the length of time of the clinic. Please view the specific program information for the drop-in rates. Drop in payments cannot be made online. They can only be paid in cash on the spot.



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