Spring Clinic Highlights at Applecross

A few weeks ago, we started our early spring clinics at one of our new sites (Applecross Country Club in Downingtown), and so far, the turnout has been great. Our Monday evening Intermediate point play clinic usually has around 7 or 8 players come out, we’ve started some after school junior clinics, a Thursday round robin, and we have a great group of kids for our Saturday morning 10 and under clinics.

Here are some photo highlights from our first spring sessions at Applecross. More to come at this particular site, including a Memorial Day event, summer camps, play days, and lots of great tennis activities for kids and adults.




Saturday Junior Clinic Highlights: At this age, we like to focus on the basics of strokes, as well as lots of fun, team based, hand eye coordination games. We keep things moving and we get them involved in the creative aspects of the game so that they have a fun experience out there on the court. As you can see in the pictures, they’re having a good time out there!

Monday Adult Clinic Highlights: Adult point play clinics are always fun. They’re fast paced, there is a lot of live ball action, and they seem to get really into the competitive aspect of it. As an instructor, my goal is to keep everyone moving, get them invested in the points, vary the drills, and of course, throw in a little bit of doubles strategy and stroke mechanics in there as well to help them keep things more fun and consistent.

Looking forward to getting more programs started at Applecross this summer! For more information on Applecross Country Club, view their web page.


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